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Review: Blushing Violet by Ann Mayburn


You would need a popsicle stick to help your dick stay up if you didn’t take Viagra. I’m paraphrasing what shy Violet yells at her ex-boyfriend. With funny lines like this, how can I not enjoy this fun read? Carrot top Violet is a size sixteen woman who needs a man. Low self esteem from her family’s constant put downs, Violet is pathetic. I feel nothing but pity for this downtrodden gal with split pea soup coloured eyes. Despondent, she signs up to an online dating club who matches people by the books they read. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Matching by the books the person reads, this could be dangerous. The first thought that went through my head was, what kind of kinky sadistic bastard would I be matched up to in this dating service? The second thought was, wait, men don’t read. I’d be matched up to some kinky sadistic Domme – interesting.

Violet tries this as her last hope to meet a man. To her shock and surprise, she is matched up with two men. Friends and business partners, Carlos and Morgan, share the same taste in women. Not surprisingly, they both want Violet. They both decide to date her without tell her they know each other. I know from experience, this does not bode well. The plus side – when Violet is pulled into a sexual frenzy, our shy Violet metamorphosizes into a sensual curvaceous red headed vixen with jade green eyes. Violet made the story for me - her feelings and how she responded. Carlos and Morgan became mere eye candy – still delicious rich treats.

This is what I call an excellent erotic journey. Ms. Mayburn shows how Violet grows into this sexy kitty that learns to stand up for herself and believes in her own value. The sex scenes in this story are smexy and SugarKink sweet. I licked up every tasty scene. A nice added touch is Violet’s family history becomes completely rewritten as new information unfolded and is shared with her.

A romance story isn’t any good if there isn’t conflict. Ms. Mayburn sets up this story so well with a very plausible conflict. I felt bad for all parties. What is it that they say? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Carlos and Morgan pulled a fast one on Violet and they all burned. Still, we do receive our happily ever after because this is a Ms. Mayburn story. No one is left unsatisfied. The resolution to the conflict was moving and so sweet. I highly recommend this story to SugarKink lovers who want to see an ugly duckling grow into a swan.


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