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Review: Born in Fire by Nora Roberts

I loved this trilogy of three Irish sisters. I must have read this book many times over the years. Maggie is the oldest and a favourite of her father's. She is a glassmaker and at odds with her mother all the time. This story is so easy to remember for me because it made such an impression with the backstory. Specifically, there are multiple sides to every story. When I first read this book years ago, I had serious hate on for Maggie's mother who didn't support her dreams. After reading all three books and also growing up a bit, there are no easy answers here.

Maggie's parent's dysfunctional marriage makes it very hard for Rogan to woo her. It doesn't help that Rogan is a swanky rich man who thinks in numbers dates. Maggie's artistic temperament and her preference for fire explain this book title completely. Maggie's reaction to Rogan is also firey and kicks off the first of the sisters finding their happily ever after.

The back and forth contention between Maggie and Rogan is a fun flirtation to witness. They may be frustrated but all the bystanders are amused and can see exactly where this path will lead them. Even if Maggie is resistant to it. This story is about growth, self-worth, healing, and family. This is a trademark Ms. Roberts contemporary romance standard that I adore. This is a lovely romance mixed with a bit of Irish culture education. Recommended to readers who want a multilayered trilogy that starts off with fury and fire.


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