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Review: Breakeven by Michelle Diener

★★★★ @MichelleDiener #Breakeven

Breakeven follows the events right after Breakaway. The protagonist is Dee who is a valued member of Leo's team. On a mission to warn their resistance alliance from Lassa, she is accidentally locked in a spaceship and taken to the planet Lassa.

This mistaken identity theme is well done. Dee does a bang up job of bluffing through situations and making up stories on the fly to eek by. Crossing paths with Sebastian, the current leader for the Lassian resistance at first seems like the worst of luck. Dee turns it to her advantage and helps out the Lassian resistance just as she did on her home planet of Garmen.

Dee and Sebastian's interactions echo Sofie and Leo's in some ways. Except instead of holding up aces in her hands, Dee needs to fly by the seat of her pants and make it work. This creates a nice tension in the story. This book felt like more action than the previous. This book can be read without reading the first book. It is a better experience reading the prequel novellas and the first full length novel in this series.

As intrigue and conspiracies are exposed and explored in this story, there is one little character who steals the show in this book. It is a little pet "kitty" which is quite unique and adorable. I kind of want to have one of these for a pet. They are my kind of animal. This book is a fast read because it is action packed and I wanted to know what happened next. For those just starting the journey with this series, it will be an awesome ride. Especially as there are 5 books to read to get caught up. This sci-fi/fantasy is recommended to readers who cheer for the underdog.


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