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Review: Breaking Badger by Shelly Laurenston

★★★★★ @ShelLaurenston #BreakingBadger #NetGalley #MustRead

Mischief, mayhem and madness is what surrounds honey badgers. Mads is no exception as she hangs with her teammates aka friends. One of her closest friends is Max who is just a complete lunatic at times. I have been eagerly anticipating this book and I absolutely love it. I have already re-read parts I liked a couple of times and I will most likely be re-reading this book several times a year.

First, I don't usually make mention of this, but I really like the cover. There is something soothing with the blue. The tiger is the focal point of this story which makes sense to have it dead center on the cover. I love the Celtic heart as a nod to the crazy MacKilligan.

Second, I became a bit despondent when I learned the Honey Badger Chronicles would end with Max's story and be a trilogy. With this new book 4, I'm hoping it means that there will be more with these crazy honey badges because I absolutely adore them. There are so many interesting characters and there are multiple plot lines that I want to follow to the end.

Third, Max's sister Charlie is a total badass and I adore her. Each of the characters in this quirky world are unique and loveable. Even the grumpy bears and the cranky tigers have found a place in my heart. I think it's because I love these contrary characters who fly in the face of convention. Ms. Laurenston does an amazing job of bringing her characters to life in a loud and vibrant manner.

Fourth, as a person whose natural setting is fast with multiple projects going on at the same time, I love the meatiness of this story and the multiple subplots weaving in and out of this story. It is more realistic to real life where other people's drama come into your life, but you still need to look after your own. Whilst this story is focused on Mads and her life moving forward, it is so much more. This adds a richness and depth to the book which keeps me engaged and wanting more. For those who prefer single threaded plots and can only process in a linear fashion, this book may be overwhelming and too complicated. For readers whose brains are a high performance engine, this book is designed with us in mind.

Lastly, I love how we explore Mads' messy relationship dynamics with her friends, family and now Finn. Finn does not know what hits him when he encounters the Honey Badgers. He is strangely attracted to Mads but doesn't know exactly why. Mads and Finn's budding relationship continues to grow as they interact more with each other. Their interactions are sweet and hilarious. Sometimes they are surreal. I still am not quite sure about this coyote that comes in and out of Mads house and drives Finn crazy.

This is a must read book that is going into my favourite bookshelf. I enjoyed the fights, the beat downs, the ridiculous spats, and above all, how families of the heart support each other. This paranormal romance is highly recommended to readers who like wacky characters who are completely irreverent to authority and power.

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