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Review: Breaking Silence by Mercedes Lackey

★★★★ @mercedeslackey @edelweiss_squad #bookreview

A follow-up to Silence and in the SERRAted Edge series, we dive back into the small town of Silence, Maine. This is what happens after the big battle. Is there really a happily ever after in this fairy-tale? Well, there are Fae and the ever after seems a bit more war torn and less Disney-fied. This book should not be read as a standalone. It is not necessary to read all the books in the series, but it is recommended to read the prior book, Silence.

Staci now has her eyes open to the magical world. She along with her "Scooby" gang have defeated the evil villains and continue to more or less patrol their town. Staci did a lot of growing up in the last book. In this one, she continues to grow, through hard lessons. This book is more young adult as the majority of Ms. Lackey's books tend to be. I find it to be more old school YA because merely the characters are young adults. There is no drama or contrived conflicts through miscommunication. Instead, Ms. Lackey's creates conflict through the "best of intentions". Take Staci's mom for example. There is a reason why she drinks. This gives Staci a clear look at what she could turn out if she doesn't master her skills and continues to keep her friends healthy and with her.

Learning more about some of the key players from the last book reveals some information that can be damaging to Staci and her crew. Specifically, trust may be lost. And with new players coming in and not knowing where to turn, this is a realistic dilemma for a young adult who is not quite ready to take on adult situations. She receives a crash course in it and it is a bumpy ride.

I have always enjoyed these Fae stories from Ms. Lackey. This latest one is a nice conclusion to the Silence arc. This young adult fantasy is recommended to readers who enjoy good versus evil battles with the questionable Fae.

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