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Review: Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb


Eve is back in. If there is one thing I can say about Eve, is that she is consistent. She holds the bar high. She takes no shit and isn't impressed by Celebrity. I love this about her. Eve says and does things I wish I could say and do at work. Of course, I'm not as kick ass as her. Her work ethic is what I like.

I enjoy how JD Robb writes. She adds these little bits of humour here and there which enhances my enjoyment of her characters. Eve's phobia of dressing and matching I can understand. I'm the same way. Fortunately I have my own Roarke who buys clothing and shoes for me. He dresses me which I appreciate too. This is perhaps why I connect to Eve so well. (Now if only my Roarke was so damn wealthy! Drat!!!)

In this latest installment, Eve is investigating the death of a actress playing Peabody in the movie made on the Icove case. I loved the "Who done it" Clue type mystery. It's a party, one person is dead, who killed the person and how? There are all these different suspects with different motives as we dig deeper. I didn't know who it was until more pieces were revealed. I like this about a murder mystery. I want to try and figure it out and have it not be predictable. The end result was pretty fantastic. I liked the reason and the ruthlessness.

I'm glad JD Robb keeps the same main cast of characters. I don't have to really meet new people. It's all the same lead and secondary characters. I feel as though these are my old friends. Each time I meet them, it's comforting and a pleasure. As I learn more about their lives and as they grow, I enjoy growing with them. This book is a 3.5 star for me. I recommend it to devote JD Robb fans and new to JD Robb fans. This story can be a stand alone, but the reader would miss so many little tidbits we've gleamed over the years.

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