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Review: Claimed by Lauran Dohner, Kele Moon

★★★★ @LaurannDohner @Kele_Moon #bookreview #Claimed

Authors Ms. Dohner and Ms. Moon team up to create a new series that grabs me my interest from the very first chapter. I then looked to see how many books are in this series. Unfortunately, it looks like this is an unfinished series with only 2 books. This is a shame. Still, I finally picked this book up and read it... perhaps 4 years late.

This story moves at a fast pace as Jason is a werewolf who is staying in an isolated area for a reason. He wants peace and quiet. When trespassers trigger his security system and piss him off, he just wants to throw the lot of them out of his territory. When one of them is a frightened human female, Brandi... he is pulled into something he wants no part of ... mating.

Beautifully woven, the characters Jason and Brandi are likeable even when Jason comes across as a grumpy old man. As with all of Ms. Moon's characters, the chemistry between the two soon to be lovers is sensual and hawt. This author duo creates a cohesive tale that I can't tell which one wrote which piece. They blended so well together and it is a pleasure to read this action packed story.

Right after reading this book, I looked for the second book to read. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like rugged men who are loyal and a defender of the innocent.


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