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Review: Collared by Kari Gregg


I have been waiting for this book to be released.  This book is HOT.  This is a must read, people.  If you haven't purchased this book, do so NOW.  Forget whatever else is in your TBR pile, put this at the top.

I really liked this book.  The concept of a genetic mutation to change people's aggression is not new.  While it was clear that there was a mutation, the complexity of this was not thoroughly developed.  If a reader didn't read the blurb or the foreword, chances are there would have been confusion.  Still, this book flew by fast.  I read ever word and devoured each scene in a sitting.

Connor is an anomaly which makes him biochemically a submissive.  Or rather, it brings out his submissive traits.  This world where there is an over abundance of aggressive dominants is amusing because it is totally fiction and contrary to what I believe would happen.  If a mutation were to occur in real life, my bet would be on a way over abundance of submissives.  Still, I liked this world filled with dominants.  The two dominants - Emmett and David made me drool.  I confess I'd be a puddle at their feet and also be hard pressed to use a safeword.  Poor Connor who wasn't in the BDSM lifestyle to begin with is given a crash course introduction on how not to do BDSM.  I feel badly for him.  What really irks me and why this isn't a 5 star is the misconception of submissives and slaves in this world.  That the world Ms. Gregg treats both so poorly aggravates me and disrespects the gift of submission from a submissive.  I realize the world is in turmoil, but it still bugged me.

The one character I truly loathed was Hannah.  What a CUNT.  Bloody bitch should be shot.  Or better yet, I'd like to peg her ass bloody raw, the be-yotch.  Fortunately, there were other women in this story who treated a confused and broken Connor as a human.  The ending of this story left me hanging and frustrated.  I'm starting to think Ms. Gregg's initials should just be CT for cock tease.  Every book of hers I've read has left me hanging and wanting to know what is next. 

The sex in here is raw, gritty and delicious.  I drank down every word with my lust filled eyes.  I admit, when Connor was topped, I desperately wished it was me.  I guess I have to settle for vicariously living through his point of view.  Although Connor believes he doesn't like pain, I have hopes he'll learn the difference between abuse and punishment.  Learning about how the world is going into chaos makes me want to dive in and give seminar training on how to take care of a sub, especially watching Connor's breakdowns.  I just want to protect the poor anomalies.  This story did make me ponder, would I be an anomaly or not...that is the question.

I recommend this for m/m lovers who like TPE mixed with hot D/s.  My last parting thoughts on this book - BUY IT!


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