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Review: Cradled by Christina Bauer

★★★ @CB_Bauer #Cradled #Bookreview #Netgalley

Full disclosure, I read this book as the first book in the series. Whilst it can be read as a standalone, I would recommend reading the book in order to avoid spoilers. I found the characters Elea and Rowan to be a sweet couple who are finally getting to enjoying their hard fought life together. Yet it is disrupted by a clockwork type alien from another world.

I enjoyed the simplicity of this story. The tale flowed smoothly and quickly from mysterious interloper to showing up to the new world, run on clockwork. The surprise characters appearing to support Elea and Rowan make for a heart warming reconciliation and allowing Elea to be able to move forward with Rowan in their future together as a couple. I did find Rowan's younger brother to be a bit annoying and I'm glad he suffered. In my old age, children who think they know it all are annoying. I liked how Ms. Bauer showed how actions have consequences... severe consequence.

From an editing standpoint, this book needed it a bit more. Or perhaps the copy I received was a rough draft mode. There were several grammar errors which was distracting, especially as I tend not to notice these as much. Overall, this is a quick read and a lovely after the "happily ever after" story. Recommended for fantasy readers who want a quick and enjoyable story.

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