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Review: Crashed by Shiloh Walker


Young love, betrayal, heartbreak, angst - this tortured love story has it all. I thought I have read every single Shiloh Walker book. I completely missed this series during my dark years at my evil day job. This book made me feel raw. I love it.

Travis Barnes made an understandable juvenile mistake and he never got over it. Especially when he learns the impact of his mistake. When it comes to abuse, Ms. Walker excels at writing it and making me feel it deep into my bones. I feel so badly for Bella Franklin, Travis's childhood sweetheart. Their young love withstood a lot of adversity but one too many events worked against them.

Learning the backstory of their young love from each of their perspective is moving. They are so innocent and full of hope. They have plans. When it all comes crashing down and the world burns, it is devastating. I'm devastated. But this is a romance, so there must be some kind of happily ever after.

This book is about redemption, self imposed penance, and sacrifice. All these noble ideals that few practice anymore are woven into a moving tale in second chances. Almost all the characters are given a second chance and I wish more people would act with such kindness and grace. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. There are subplots within this story that make it even more meaningful to me. This is contemporary romance is unfiltered and flawed in a beautiful way. Recommended for romance readers who love second chance angst filled themes.

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