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Review: Dark Alpha's Need by Donna Grant

★★★ ½ @donna_grant #DarkAlphasNeed

Each Reaper is going down... in a good way! Each one seems to be finding their "one". Now that Death lets her reapers find their mate, it seems each one of them are falling down like dominos. The person up now is Torin. Torin has been in the background for most of these stories. Now that we learn his betrayal story, it's just as horrible as the rest. Suffice to stay, nice guys finish last.

As painful as Torin's betrayal story may be, I find his mate's Breda's even worse. When we learn why she is clueless about some current events whilst knowing a lot about Other activity, it breaks my heart. No child should ever suffer the childhood that she suffered. I can only hope that her mother gets what she deserves in a later book.

This story flies by the Reapers trying to figure out who this new group of "Others" may be. In between the search, Breda and Torin get it on in some sexy times. These are sweet and vanilla so they didn't do much for me. What I enjoyed better is Breda trying new things with Torin's support. I also liked Breda's outlook in life even after she's been beaten down so much. I wish more people had her attitude. She is truly a survivor, not a victim.

Whilst this main plot is moving forward to find the new "Others", we see glimpses of Xaneth. For those who may not remember, he was tortured by his aunt the Light Fae Queen. He escaped but now he's not fully functioning right. It is as if he is in a berserker fugue state. The set up for his book seems to be a recurring subplot thread. I can't wait to see what happens and how he is saved.

This book brought up more questions and I am hoping we find out more about the Others soon. I am a bit impatient but I do understand that it needs to run through until each of the Reapers have their mate. I do wonder how these "Others" tie into the new Dragon King's threat. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like a tormented hero and a female who saves herself.

*I received an advanced copy


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