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Review: Dark Ambition by Michelle Diener

★★★★ @michellediener #DarkAmbition

This series is appealing to me on many different levels. Ms. Diener is one of my favourite fantasy authors. After reading the entire series to date, I found out there is a little novella to return to this lovely world. I bought it and immediately read it. For those who loved this series, this novella is a lovely addition. We see Rose McKenzie again who is allowed to finally go planet side after being on a ship for so long.

I enjoy this story because of its survival theme. Rose and a group of scientists are able to enjoy a bit of downtime on a planet and check things out. When things go awry, it is up to the underestimated human to save the day. Well, with a little help from her AI friend . . . Sazo.

The descriptions for the planet side bring a vivid forest to mind. The little creature that Rose finds sounds adorable. I have to admit, I know that taking an animal from its natural habitat is not good. This one is orphaned and... well, it's a grey line for me. I kept imagining this little guy like a sugar glider mixed with a cat.

This novella is recommended to space opera fans who like humans that go where no human has gone before. *wink*


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