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Review: Dark Soul Vol. 1 by Aleksandr Voinov


Am I the only one thinking of the lyrics "You are lying so low in the weeds, I get you gonna ambush me, You'd have me down on my knees, Now wouldn't you, Barracuda?" This is the song by Heart running through my mind as I'm reading this story. This is a 3.5 star short story for me. I like Silvio. I melt for Stefano. I'm not really into the mafia type stories and this one had me questioning if I really wanted to read it. Fortunately, I pushed passed my reservations.

Silvio "Barracuda" is a killer on a leash. Stefano is a married made-man. Their paths cross as they attend the passing of the family patriarch. While Silvio is very young, he's deadly and everyone gives him wide berth. Stefano is not high on the totem pole, but he's intrigued and turned on by the Barracuda. The game of cat and mouse begins.

I'm not sure if this is BDSM or not. There is gunplay with bondage in this story so it's kinky as hell. This is the first gunplay I've read and damn does Mr. Voinov do it hot. I was wet with anticipation. The scene was so well done. It wasn't a sex scene just thrown in for the hell of it. It made sense and it was SO.DAMN.HOT. I liked Stefano struggling with his sexual identity since he has to play by the rules. Silvio is a wild card and he just doesn't give a damn. I like that rebel attitude.

My main complaint and the reason why I have this rated at a 3.5 instead of a 4 is because it is so damn short. These are coming out in volumes and I don't like this trend. I want a full novel. This cock teasing drives me batty which is why I waited until at least the third volume to come out before I started reading these. I recommend this book to m/m lovers who enjoy the darker edgeplay kink. There is no SugarKink here.


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