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Review: Darkness Betrayed by Alexandra Ivy

★★★ ½ @AlexandraIvy #DarknessBetrayed #netgalley #bookreview

Darkness Betrayed is a smooth slide back into the Guardians of Eternity series for those who may have taken a break. For those who read a lot of paranormal romance, this world is easily to understand. Ms. Ivy does an excellent job of explaining the players to a new reader. The focus of this story is all about Brigette.

Since I haven't read most of the earlier series, I am unaware of the explicit cruel details Brigette has mete out in her quest for power. The Brigette we meet here, is essentially wearing a sackcloth and flagellating herself through denial and starvation. The regret Brigette feels for what she has done is the impetus for her continuous penance.

This story moves quickly as Bridgette paired with Xi try to unravel the underground rebellion. Xi is one of the elite guards to the King of this paranormal world. Bridgette's interactions with Xi are stilted as it is clear she has been on her own for too many centuries. Whilst Bridgette is going through journey towards redemption, a bit of her limelight is stolen by an adorable gargoyle. I am not sure what the story is for this gargoyle, but I want to learn more. I can see why the males in this universe are frustrated with him. Because there is something about his character which is appealing to females. I am not immune to his charm.

This story is more paranormal than romance for me. Quite frankly, without the romantic angle, I think the story would have been a bit stronger. I do like the pairing of Bridgette and Xi, I just didn't really need to have their romance played out or any of their romantic interludes. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy atonement themes.

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