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Review: Deadlock by Catherine Coulter

★★★★ #bookreview

When it comes to a dynamic duo, Sherlock and Savich are one of my favourites. In this latest installment, once again, these two are able to solve two mysteries at once.

The case starts when Rebekah goes to a medium on a lark and receives a message from her beloved grandfather. As the mystery unfolds, it is clear that her grandfather did want to leave something for her and that her grandmother's hatred comes with a very personal reason. As far figuring out the motives for this one, it was pretty easy for me to do. Trying to determine how everything fit together took a little bit longer and it was fun to be thrown off path a time or two. I enjoy how Ms. Coulter enjoys throwing a bit of a plot twist here and there.

Still, the stars of the show are the loving husband and wife - Savich and Sherlock. The fact that they can work together so well and basically have a seamless work and personal life balance is one of my favourite things about this series. They are great together and watching how they crack a case is exciting. Ms. Coulter's police/law enforcement procedures seem to be getting better and better with each book. If she is researching investigative procedures as thoroughly as when she wrote historical romances, then I am definitely learning quite a bit just by reading her books.

As with all her FBI thriller series, there is more than one case going on. It is nice to see Pippa receiving some visibility. She takes the lead on a case and it goes sideways so fast. This is the one where we know the perpetrator, we just don't know how it all connects together. Watching the deconstruction of how the puzzle boxes were made, by whom and why... it is all fascinating.

Thoroughly enjoyed this fast pace suspense and recommended to readers who enjoy thrilling mysteries.

*provided by Edelweiss

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