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Review: Decker's Dilemma by Chantal Fernando

★★★★ @ChantalFernando #NetGalley #DeckersDilemma

This new series starts out strong and pulls me into the dangerous world of the MC. This can be read without reading the Knights of Fury or the Wind Dragons books. If this is your first book with Ms. Fernando, you are in for a treat. Cara is the exalted daughter of the Wind Dragon President. This makes her a princess waiting for her prince to wed her . . . or not.

This romance makes me happy because Cara decides that her prince is neither charming nor for her. The story starts with Cara wondering about her finance, Rhett, who is the son of one of the MC. Rhett is most likely to become the next president. Being best friends with Rhett and Chloe growing up in the MC, it is hard for Cara to decide maybe she needs to go in a different direction. She might take some inspiration from Chloe. Chloe's story is in the Wind Dragon Series, book 7 Fallen Princess (see related post).

Sometimes even with the best-laid plans, if the two people aren't in it together, it just doesn't work. This is what happens between Rhett and Cara. Honestly, I'm pissed at Rhett and how he takes Cara for granted. For God's sake, they were best friends. What he does to her is not what a best friend does. I want to shoot him. Whilst Cara decides her prince needs to leave the castle, or she can find another castle to live in, she meets a knight in tarnished armour. Except she doesn't need to be rescued, even if he wants to come to her aid. Seth Decker is a former cop who is disenfranchised with the hypocritical department and he goes into the private sector. As a PI he has more control over his cases and he feels he does more good.

I like the setup of how Seth meets Cara. Their sexual chemistry sparks at first glance. Their courtship is fraught with obstacles and Seth maneuvers around them easily. I like that this story shows how they bond through some tough situations. I also like seeing how those who are tied to the MC through blood or marriage are up for collateral damage. What I most especially like seeing is that Cara is not a victim. Her daddy taught her right. She doesn't take shit from anyone and she learned how to defend herself. She isn't a TSTL character. She is an accomplished woman who can take care of herself and does her best to support the ones she loves. I admire Cara and her strength. Seeing how Seth treats her as an equal even though he's very protective warms my heart.

This MC romance is recommended for readers who like a princess that picks up a sword (or gun) herself and takes the enemy head-on.

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