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Review: Delighted by Lexi Blake

@authorlexiblake ★★★★ #Delighted @Jennw23

I am addicted to the sugary goodness of Ms. Blake's Masters and Mercenaries Series. Her 1001 Dark Night novellas are decadent cupcakes to her full novel multi-tiered gourmet cakes. This novella features Boomer. I LOVE boomer. We learn why his call sign is boomer and we learn a little bit about his life growing up. Let's just say, I'd like to dropkick his family and gather Boomer up and let him know he is neither dumb nor unwanted.

When it comes to character development, creating a family bond, and pulling at my heartstrings, Ms. Blake does it all. This novella is less on intrigue, espionage, or assassinations. There is a little spy work and some foiling of nefarious plans, but it involves teenage girls who can wreak havoc. Let's just say, Daphne, Boomer's neighbor and love interest may understand this meme.

As the oldest of three girls in my family, all stubborn and strong-willed women in our 40s, I wonder how my parents, especially my mom survived. Daphne's life is chaotic and as a single mom with virtually no support, this is hard. This is what I love about Ms. Blake's books. She creates these amazing communities I yearn for and wish existed. They sound so amazing. Boomer's crazy and lovable boss, Ian Taggart creates a family through bonds of friendship and hardship. What they offer in assistance to a struggling single parent is amazing. These aren't handouts or charity. This is a community coming together to help raise the next generation with a solid foundation. I thoroughly enjoyed this story of how people help one another. Yes, there is romance in here. Yes, there are conflicts. The main focus for me is paying it forward in providing children and lonely people a place to bond and be supported. This safe haven inspires me to do more and give back.

This book is about regular people who have struggles and deal with past hurts. This is about learning book smarts isn't the only smarts. So many wonderful affirmations in this story. Plus, Ian is at his best. There are some amazing lines in here that I expect to see showing up in feeds from Ms. Blake. Especially Ian's advice to Boomer on how to "lock-in" Daphne. Hilarious! This novella is highly recommended to romance lovers who want their happily ever after.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.



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