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Review: Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Nights by Sierra Cartwright


I do like these three authors quite a bit. Ms. Cartwright dives right in with a hot sub "exchanged" over a hand of poker. Wow it was hot. I did enjoy the story and found it to be smoldering smexy. The training scenes were tasty as were the punishment scenes. She is quite the untrained sub, isn't she?

In Ms. McBride's story, I was a bit thrown as there were shifters in it. I didn't expect the Doms of Dark Haven world to have shifters. Obviously I was confused and mistaken. Wowza. I did like the two shifters Tex and Hunter. I loved how they chased down Holly who is a switch. Their scene with her was menage-tastic! It has intrigued me enough that I need to go hunting down the rest of this series from the talented Ms. McBride.

Lastly, there was the broken sub by Ms. Sinclair. This was a great story as we tie back into the Hunt brothers from her Mountain series. I enjoyed this one and it reminded me of Ms. van Yssel's bondage series where a sub burned has to learn all over again how to trust. The difference is, in Ms. Sinclair's story, the Dom isn't sure he really wants to be a Dom. Because hitting a woman is just wrong... even if she moans in pleasure. HAH.

If BDSM readers haven't had a chance to read these books from these authors, this anthology is an excellent sampling of their work. I highly recommend this anthology to new to BDSM and the SugarKink crowd. Enjoyable read from beginning to end.


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