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Review: Dragon Mine by Donna Grant

★★★ ½ @Donna_Grant #DragonMine #Heartbreaking

Returning back to the remaining Dragon Kings who do not have their mates, Dragon Mine kicks off a new story ARC post big showdown with the Others. Focusing on Vaughn, the King of Teals, he finally finds the woman who captured his attention over a millennium ago. Talk about the unforgettable one night stand.

I have been waiting for this meeting between separated family members. Once I learned that Con and Rhi have twin children, I wanted to learn more about the twins. What I have learned has been gravely disappointing. Disappointing in that the children are so judgmental of their parents. Honestly, I'm horrified with how Brandr treats his parents. Even knowing what happened to his parents, he treats them so harshly. Eurwen, his twin may want to learn more, but her judgment of her parents are also unfair. At least she wants to try to understand and place herself in their shoes. This is more than I can say about her pigheaded brother. I think what bothered me most about this story is how Brandr and Eurwen treat Con and Rhi. It breaks my heart. Their holier than thou attitude and spying on their parents for centuries just grates on me. They have zero justification of their actions. It does however set up a good conflict for the book which I did enjoy witnessing.

Eurwen may be centuries old but she still comes across a bit juvenile. Perhaps it is because of where she's lived and how peaceful it has been for so long. Her opportunity to grow through challenge and adversity is missing. Her interactions with Vaughn are awkward and cringeworthy. Vaughn may come across a bit strong because he found his one. He devotion and his declarations throw Eurwen into a panic. Why? Because it appears, all she wants him for is a hawt and sexy booty call. How...depressing for Vaughn.

The tension in this book well done on several fronts. The strain between parents and children hurts me to witness. The break between sister and brother with ultimatums which will not end well are surprising. The heartbreak when a mate finds their soulmate only to be denounced is soul crushing. The hubris of believing one has created an utopian dragon haven leads to a devastating downfall. I loved all these conflicts and how Ms. Grant sets it up. This keeps me invested in the story and I want to know what happens next. This full length novel included so much and yet at the end, I wanted more. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love "its complicated".

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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