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Review: Dragon Shadow by Alicia Wolfe

★★★ @urbanfantasylover #DragonShadow #Bookreview

New to me author, Ms. Wolfe pulls me straight into this fantasy world. Fae, witches and dragons - all things I enjoy reading about. Surprisingly this was a FaceBook recommendation too. I seem to have more success with FaceBook suggestions than Goodreads suggestions. Go figure.

The first in this series, the worldbuilding is good as we learn about the Fae, where they live and why they are now here on earth. Jade is a small time thief who really should be considered an acquisitionist fighting the good fight. She's is spunky and irreverent to authority. My kind of main character! We do learn a little bit more about her past and it is ... not good. Her guilt is understandable and so painful. I can see why she tends to try to hide away from life.

This review is going to be more about the entire series as I binged on them one after another. This is a completed series which is nice because each book pulls a reader into the next. I realize the blurbs state each book is a standalone. I beg to differ. They can be read individually but since there is a long running romance and details within each book that is needed to understand the next book, I recommend reading the entire series in the order it is written.

This series is really all about Jade and her growing up. Growing up as in becoming more than a thief in the night and looking out for vengeance. She has the potential to be so much more. Working for the fae has shown her she can be more than a criminal in the eyes of society. She has a good heart and sometimes, it takes a person who walks both the bad and the good side to be able to make a difference. It does help to have the support and emotional entanglement of a fae prince, Davril Stormguard.

These two are definitely a match as they both have a past that they regret. Coming to terms with their past and working through their issues together helps build the relationship and romance in this series. I like how it isn't an instalove. It takes time and there are set backs even when the two finally progress forward. Some of the set back threw me for a loop and others were predictable. The great "foe" of the Fae has been foreshadowed throughout this series. I'm surprised Jade was so oblivious to it.

This series is an addictive read. Recommended to fantasy readers who love drama, star-crossed lovers' and a female hero who bucks the mode.


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