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Review: Duck! by Kim Dare

★★★★★ I now understand why so many people have recommended this book to me.  I cried.  I tried not to cry, but I cried.  Oh the dear sweet darling ugly duckling, how could you not know what you were going to turn out to be?  How can you not know of the story "The Ugly Duckling"?  I generally don't read m/m erotica.  This is my second one and I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this story. 

Ori Jones is such a sweet, sweet sub.  His utter lack of artifice is endearing.  I shiver at the masterful Hawk.  He exudes everything I would want in a Dom.  Too bad he only has a thing for males.  Speaking of males, this is the first book I've ever read where there isn't a single woman in the book.  How odd is this?  I didn't realize it while I read the book, but afterward, I found it puzzling.  I also found it puzzling how Mr. Hamilton switched from callously negligent, to abusively annoying and finally to solicitously caring and considerate.  If I were Ori, I'd keep my eye on Mr. Hamilton.  I don't trust that bastard!

Ms. Dare is now on my list of authors I love to read.


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