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Review: Embrace Me Darkly

@KiraJamesAuthor ★★★★ #EmbraceMeDarkly #NetGalley

New to me author Ms. James draws me into a paranormal fantasy of intrigue, conspiracies and vengeance. I love it! My only regrets are taking too long to review the book and finding out I missed out on the opportunity to read the arcs for the following books. Never fear, they are on Amazon and I will be buying the next 3 books shortly.

Sara is a prosecutor who is actively working on making sure criminals are prosecuted and put behind bars. Her father's unexplained death has haunted her for years and shaped her to be the effective lawyer she is today. Sara may come across as a hard hitting aggressive lawyer, but she hides a side of herself from everyone else. She believes in more than what she can see and touch. She believes in the supernatural and she just needs to find more evidence.

Sara's meeting with Luke finally validates her beliefs. This story unwinds in an unexpected manner. I understood and could easily follow how Sara is tapped for a special division. This MIB-esque world is fantastic with creatures of lore coming to life. I would be wide eye curious and probably getting myself into heaps of trouble. Sara remains unflappable and does her job.

There are several subplots going on in this story and they at first glance seem to be disjointed. When the pieces start to fit together, it paints a bleak and dark picture. I like where this is going. Learning the history between Sara and Luke kind of blew my mind. I enjoy being surprised. This paranormal fantasy is recommended to romance reader who love sleeping with the enemy themes.

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