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Review: Evil Eyed by Joely Sue Burkhart

★★★½ @joelysue #EvilEyed

The conclusion to Her Irish Treasure ties up all loose ends. Riann's entire life comes together as her stolen memories start to surface. missing pieces start to paint a very ugly picture of what happened to her and why she is the current treasure keeper.

Lately, the books Ms. Burkhart has written feature black and white when it comes to good versus evil. This is different than some of her books I loved where it paints an antihero in a questionable manner. There is a lot of angry emotion leaping off the pages of each story. For those who loved her A Killer Need series or the innovative A Jane Austen Space Opera series, there is a noticeable difference in the writing.

The newer stories lack the same type of layering in worldbuilding. The characters are also less complex. These stores are shorter and coming out faster and at a pace, I can barely keep up. My best guess is that the very difficult past few years have impacted Ms. Burkhart and her writing style reflects it. She is working through the trauma and anger. I can see it in these storylines. It makes me sad because a wonderful author has been abused, oppressed, and if I am reading this correctly, still trying to heal as her characters are all trying to heal.

I found this story moving as it shows how long-lasting an abusive relationship can impact a person. And it also balances the evils of some males with the goodness of other males. Not all males are created equal. In this conclusion, our fairytale does end with a happily ever after. My hope is that the author also finds hers too. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy reverse harem themes where good triumphs over evil.

* I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.


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