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Review: Eyes of an Innocent by Valentina Heart


How would you feel if everyone knew you were a virgin just by the colour of your eyes? I guess if it were me since I don't find it to be a stigma to be a virgin, it would be fine. Not so for Reji who is dating a viperous girl, Cherry. Cherry's cruel words make Reji question himself. It pushes Reji to try something daring which places him in a dicey situation. Nearly raped, Reji is terrified of every male, even a trustworthy Teacher, Shen, who saved him. The only good thing about Reji trying to find a lover at a gay bar is meeting Shen. Shen is not what he expected for a lover and Reji panics over his sexuality.

This is the first in the series by Ms. Heart. I read these out of order and I have to say it doesn't matter. I enjoyed this first book too because it was sweet and lays out the world Ms. Heart is trying to create. I have to say, I like this world of Ms. Heart. The reason why I like it is because her Teachers are men and women who love indiscriminately. There are no hang-ups with sexual preference categories. From my personal experience where I prefer to view people as entities rather than male or female, it works so well for me. Since I've never declared my sexual preferences, this world Ms. Heart created, speaks to me.

This short story's main conflict is the sexual hang-ups people have about loving a person of the same sex. We watch Reji struggle to accept loving Shen as a person and not freak out that Shen is a man. When a third person is added to this relationship, we watch Reji lose it again to try and accept something different than what he has been taught. I confess, I don't understand Reji's issues. I feel for Shen as he's taken through the wringer by Reji's bipolar behaviour. At one point, I wonder if Reji should just pull petals off a flower to say, "I love; I love you not. I love; I love you not." It may be easier for him to decide if he wants to be with Shen or not. We can expect Reji's immaturity because he was a green-eyed innocent, just recently turned into a blue-eyed adult.

As I'm getting into the smexy scenes with Reji and Shen, we learn that Shen is a Teacher who gives sex demos with his partner. This normally would just have me drooling, but when Shen suggests Reji be tied up and sexually tormented in a teaching session, I nearly came. I would love to watch an educational demo with a sub tied and tormented by his two hot Doms. Just as I'm teased with this imagery, the story ends. I screamed in sexual frustration. I nearly pulled out my hair. Disgruntled, I'm sending Ms. Heart a message demanding for some hot bondage scenes in the next story in the series. I recommend this story to readers who enjoy a love story about unconditional love.


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