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Review: Faceless by Alexandra Ivy

★★★★ @AlexandraIvy #Faceless #NetGalley

This is a first for me when it comes to Ms. Ivy writing suspense. I like this new direction! This story is about a woman who never felt as if her mother's murder was resolved. She loved her mother dearly and every year, the anniversary of her mother's death became an annual ritual of taking time to see her mother's grave. This consistent pilgrimage to see her mother's grave never deviates until this year. A single point of doubt is raised and Winter is intrigued enough to find out. Be careful of what you wish for...

Wynter's questions and quest to figure out why her mother was murdered brings up painful history for many. It also makes her question if she really knew her mother. Each person's memories and experiences with Wynter's mother is different. In some ways it seems her mother was like a candle which burned too hot and quick. Her flame singed and burned all the moths crowding around her, trying to get close to her unique brightness.

What we learn of Winter's mother surprises Wynter and brings more skeletons out from the closets. This inquiry causes more and more deaths. One item puzzled me about this story - there was 1 device used to cause additional confusion. Specifically someone's phone goes missing and is used for nefarious purposes. It makes absolutely zero sense to me that the person doesn't cancel their account or at least freeze it so that it can't be used anymore.

Throughout this search for her mother's killer, Wynter is accompanied by her best friend Noah. Noah's shared parental loss experience gave them a starting bond. Now that they have "sowed" their oats so to speak, Wynter is seeing Noah with different eyes. It is about time. I like when great friendships morph into more. It is satisfying to see how Wynter and Noah grow closer together and how their eyes suddenly open and see each other better.

What I enjoyed most about this story is seeing Wynter's mother through the eyes of everyone around her. She made a huge impact and she was something special to everyone in a different way. I also enjoyed seeing how Wynter had to adjust her idolization of her mother change into an unconditional love and acceptance.

From a suspense/thriller perspective, the plot twist in revealing the killer is executed. I had an inkling of who did it and why. I was mostly right. Sometimes our bad decisions come to bite us, decades later. Whilst this is a happily ever after for Wynter and Noah coming together, it is a bittersweet ending. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy complicated characters who haunt the living long after their death.

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