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Review: Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Anna is back! I love Anna the Omega. This story was a fast read for me. It's more romantic suspense this time which I thoroughly enjoy. Anna and Charles are together to catch a serial killer targeting supernaturals. In this one, we see them working together - no longer a broken Anna, but as a team. I love that. Watching them interact with Feebies and Homenuts was a treat. The Trippings was funny. With the Fae showing up, this was great.

This book had so many characters competing for my attention. Leslie the FBI I liked and admired. She's a strong and smart woman who isn't intimidated by another woman. I applaud Ms. Briggs showing how strong women can work together. In a slight variation of the "woman friendly movie test", this book is woman friendly. There are two women who talk to each other and it isn't about men.

The one I adored and lusted after most, was the fae - Alistair Beauclaire. I loved Alistair Beauclaire because he cuts through the bullshit. Not only this, but he is a male who with great power will take on great responsibility. This is telling as he's a fae who could have made a difference and he was kept unaware on purpose. So he would do nothing. He's the key character for me in this book. His loved one is one of the latest victims. He will stop at nothing to find his loved one and he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

What this killer does is terrible. He tortures, rapes and then desecrates the bodies. What is worse is that in this story, justice is blind yet in a way, it is served. I won't go into great detail, but suffice to say, my violent bloody thirsty vengeance is mildly pacified. I need more to satiate it. I long and crave for the next one in this series. I want to know what the Gray Lords will do.

I have to say, I wasn't fully surprised by the killer in this story. There are enough clues to point the reader in the right direction. While the plot was riveting and a pivotal point in this world Ms. Briggs has created, I was also thrilled with the character development. Watching Anna and Charles come closer together; watching Bran's interaction with his son, I enjoyed all of it. Not to mention Leslie who I hope will show up again in future books.

My favourite scene:

"I told them," he said in a clear, carrying voice, "that they should not give someone as old and powerful as I a daughter to love. That it would end badly." ..."Now we shall all live with the consequences." ..."You have made your choice. And we will all live with the consequences. Most of us. Most of us will live with the consequences."

Now, I'm torn. Why? I yearn to be the focus of someone to this degree that they would do something like this for me. To be this cherished and protected is foreign to me. I do not have anyone in my life who would make this kind of statement and be able to carry it through. I know my spouse loves and cherishes me, yet his power would not be able to extend to the degree to this person. On the flip side, I want to be Alistair. My mentality is one of protection and vengeance. I work to have more power so I can back up my threats and follow through if someone were to injury my loved ones in such a heinous manner. I recommend this book to Urban Fantasy readers who love strong characters and know - it's best to be feared and respected.


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