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Review: Faithless in Death by J.D. Robb

★★★★ #FaithlessinDeath @jdrobbauthor #bookreview

This latest in the series keeps me riveted and turning page after page. As usual, I didn't read the book blurb because I love this series. After 50+ books, Ms. Robb continues to deliver hard hitting and engaging storylines. Based on the title, I thought this book was going to be about cheating significant others. Perhaps a serial killer goes after the unfaithful. I guess that would be Unfaithful in Death ...

This one is more than a crazy cult led by an egomaniac with a delusion of grandeur. It is about a society passing itself as a "one true" way which brutalizes women, children and minorities. The way Ms. Robb executes this book with a homicide as a catalyst is amazing.

I am horrified by the number of psychopaths in this story. The number of horrible men preying on women. I'm disgusted by women who report on other women and bring them down. All of this is abhorrent. And yet Ms. Robb balances it out with Eve and her group of friends. In the past few years, many women in leadership seminars I've attended, they talk about a "wingwoman". How we should bring up and talk up the female friends we have. Instead of pushing down and being negative about other women, we should help each other by uplifting.

This is Eve and her closely knit group of friends. Since I started from book 1 of this series, I remember how Eve and Mavis became friends. How Peabody first worked with Eve. I remember Eve's initial confrontations with Nadine. Now look at them. Their work and friendship have brought them up to greater heights. Mavis is now a rock star with a family and her "white picket" fence. Nadine not only has her own show, she is a published author and her book has been made into a movie. I love these added elements to Eve's life and her friends' life. It enriches this book and adds more layers to each of the characters.

These friends she's made over the years help her stay balanced and when she needs to call in favours, they are there for her. The last few chapters of this book really had me excited and my engine revving. I loved how Eve pulled an all-nighter to bring down the villains. Combining multiple agencies to break into different teams to "raid" the different compounds and a locations across States, Countries and jurisdictions is fantastic. Watching teams come together with a focused goal with Eve in the center handling the logistics is adrenaline pumping. I loved it.

This murder mystery is highly recommended to readers who love when justice is served.


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