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Review: Fate's Arrow by Michelle Diener

Returning back to the Rising Wave series is magical and everything I hoped for and more. As a nature lover, this book delights me more than I can explain. Instead of focusing on Ava and Luc, the story is about Massi. Massi is one of Luc's lieutenants. They grew up together in the Chosen camps and have been tight for almost all their lives. When she is sent on a secret mission by Ava to find a couple who took care of Ava, she finds much more than she expected. I encourage reading the first two books before reading this one. I guess it is possible to read this book as a standalone but it makes more sense to read the first 2 books for the world building and background.

When Massi first came onto the scene, I was not a fan. She opposed Ava and caused untold havoc. True, Massi did have a valid reason why she did what she did, but still, I didn't like her that much. This is a book about her redemption as well as showing everyone that Ava is not a queen in name only. On top of that, Ava is a warrior queen. I love the strengths of these female characters. I also adore how the men in this world are strong and partner well with the woman they fall in love with.

Whilst this does have romance in it, the plot of this book is complete without it. The romance between Massi and Duncan enhances this story and gives it added flavour. The way Massi and Duncan meet is reminiscent of how Ava and Luc met. Except Massi is a bit deadlier and Duncan is incredible. I love how Ms. Diener created Luc. He is a dream character. His superpower is amazing and I wish it were something that existed in the world. I think the world would be a better place if there were hundreds of people with his magical power. Well, and with his integrity. Everything about Duncan appeals to me. He is also the perfect person for a war weary warrior like Massi. The two hit it off so well. Their common goal is a great start of their relationship.

I am surprised by how quickly this story moved and concluded the storyarc from the first 2 books. The ending is immensely satisfying and I am sad to learn there will only be 1 more book in this series. I cannot wait for it. This story has it all - intrigue, conspiracies, sleeper agents, forest creatures, and love. I highly recommend this high fantasy for all readers.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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