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Review: Fever by Maya Banks

★★★★ @maya_banks #bookreview #Fever

When does three become a crowd? Jace and Ash have been best friends for a long time, with their 3rd musketeer, Gabe. With Gabe married off, will these two start falling for their own women? This book can be read as a standalone as I read this book first. This 3 becomes a crowd is when Jace and Ash who have consistently shared women over the years suddenly finds that one woman he wants just for himself. My advice to Jace? "USE.YOUR.WORDS."

The main point of contention that arises between Jace and Ash is sadly all too typical of men who are so used to being together, they now expect their best friend to read their mind. Jace falls into an instalust with a server at a wedding reception. Bethany is doing her best just to get by. Not expecting a handsome and rich knight in shining armour riding to her rescue, Jace is a puzzle for her. She can't quite understand his attraction. So she chalks it up to a quick "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" erotic experience she can hold onto in her memories.

This story is sexy hawt. The erotica parts are sensual, arousing and oh so lovely. Ms. Banks delivers when it comes to an erotic romance. What makes this story more than just spank bank material is her characters. Bethany's story is a tale of woe that is across the States for many single women. The difference is she is at the right place at the right time. Jace and Bethany's initial interactions and miscommunications are wince worthy. Fortunately for Jace, his best friends give him a little helping hand to straighten up and woo Bethany.

Warning: do not start reading this book right before going to bed. A very likely scenario will be reading until the wee hours of the night and experiencing a book hangover the following morning. This erotica romance is recommended to readers who love their happily ever after.

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