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Review: Finding Eden by Kele Moon

★★★★★ Pauvre Paul!  Danny est tres desole!  This story is FABULOUS!  I felt so badly for Paul.  Learning the back story about Paul's terrible childhood causes me to be furious.  I want to pistol whip his father and kick both his older brothers' ass.  ARGH I'm so angry.  Those mo-fo should be shot, in the ass.  Paul is such a sweet sweet boy. 

Danny ~ what is up with his father?  Why are there terrible fathers in this story?  Does Ms. Moon have issues with fathers?  I want to beat the crap out of these guys.  To treat children in this way is totally unacceptable!

Danny and Paul's relationship is so unhealthy.  I'm with Jason.  Danny needs training.  Paul ~ good lord I had no idea he was such a pain slut.  It's like watching a train wreck.  I cried for him.  Danny becoming a Dom is so hot for me.  He's what I would consider a natural Dom too.  The ending of this book would have killed me had I not known there is a second part to this one.  I'm eagerly awaiting the second part for resolution.

The sex scenes ~ wow, I really enjoyed Danny and Paul together.  Since I enjoy reading about whippings, floggings, those were hot for me too.  I liked the introduction of the two women.  I wished there was a bit more of their sex since I like f/f too.

This book is one I'd read over and over again.  The reason is because of Danny and his reluctant Dom situation.  I find this to be a realistic portrayal.  Based on some of my female friends, it appears that many of their DH are reluctant Doms.  I know my DH is a reluctant Dom.

I recommend this story to people who want their heart torn out.  This is a story filled with misery and forbidden love.  I loved it.


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