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Review: Force of Nature by Skye Warren and Amelia Wilde

★★★ @skye_warren @awilderomance #Givemebooks

"Maybe you're like one of the frogs who only likes boy frogs." There are frogs that only like boy frogs? What frogs are these? I have questions. I did read the prequel to this book and it isn't exactly necessary to read before this book. It does give good context. Still, authors Warren and Wilde provide a good recap to bring a reader up to speed. This book does end with a hook on it to pull a reader into the next book. Speaking of which, when is the next book released?

Carter is a "secret" government agent and his cover seems to be blown. He and June are stranded on a seemingly deserted island but it isn't. The majority of this book is about Carter trying to keep the fragile June alive as he tries to get an extraction team. There is a bit of character development during this survivor journey and it only brings about more confusion. I don't understand why Carter is so adamant that he is evil. I am not sure if he is trying to convince June or himself. These types of plot devices are a bit too easy and I do not appreciate them anymore. The simplicity of his self-hatred with no substantiation is annoying. This aside, I wonder about June. One would think if she was afraid of flying, she would dress more prepared for a crash and have her drugs in hand before she leaves home.

There are several of these bits of detail that does not make sense to me. The biggest one is when a new character is introduced. I cannot understand how they stayed on the island for so long. Where did they have the funding for this? These questions that come up take me out of the story because I cannot suspend my disbelief. For me, this is just an okay written story. I have to admit I gave it an extra star because I can be bribed with good sex scenes. The last erotic scene was tasty and steamy. Completely unexpected and I liked it. This erotic romance is recommended for Midnight Dynasty fans who enjoy possessive males and damsels in distress.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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