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Review: Forgiven by Garret Leigh

★★★ @Garrett_Leigh @CarinaPress #Forgiven #BookReview #netgalley

Second chance stories generally bring to mind lovers who yearn for each other and can finally have their happily ever after. Whilst this is the intent for Mia Amour and Luke Daley, it is a messy train wreck getting there. It is rare I read a book where the two lovers do everything they can to sabotage their relationship and stab each other with a metaphoric knife into the heart.

It is as if Mia wants her pound of flesh equal to the pain she felt when Luke went off to the Navy. The book title implies that there will be forgiveness. I am not sure I actually saw this even at the end of the book. The back and forth toxicity Mia spews onto Luke has my head spinning and just as confused as Luke. Does she want him back? Her mixed signals and angry sex are all key indicators to me to run away. This woman is cray-cray. Whilst I understand her frustration and hurt, it has been 10 years woman... grow up?

Many a times I felt badly for Luke. He may not be the best communicator of his feelings but some people are just this way. I felt the brutal treatment from Mia is unwarranted to the degree she doled out. Still, I guess some women are just this petty and this story captures life in all its harsh and unforgiven reality. I continue to read this to the end to see the big moment of forgiveness. Instead, I saw an odd stalker subplot which brings Mia and Luke to a better understanding. I am mixed with this story because Ms. Leigh writes a good story, I just didn't like her main character Mia. This contemporary romance is recommended for readers who like second chances and a "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" theme.

*provided by Carina Press via NetGalley


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