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Review: Free my Dragon by Joely Sue Burkhart

★★★ ½ @joelysue #FreeMyDragon

A haunting fantasy of unrequited love gone wrong, Free my Dragon brings redemption to a cursed woman after centuries of rage. This novella comes as a duet. This first book is all about a selfish woman who lets her inner beast take over.

Chanda is the last of the white dragons. In a fit of rage, she petulantly cursed the gods and her people. Gotta say, not feeling any empathy for Chanda. She wanted a guy, but he rejected her, so she burns down the world when she doesn't get what she wants? Talk about a prima donna in need of a good spanking. Her suffering for centuries has taught her nothing.

This book did feel like I was missing some big parts to it. Still, I was more or less able to figure out what was going on. Now Jalan, he's an interesting character. He is trying to protect the last of his tribe. He too has been impacted by a curse. This world honestly seems to have nothing redeeming about it. It is filled with callous, selfish, and greedy people. Not to mention violent and desperate. That is why I found the story to be haunting and a bit depressing. Jalan is the only great character. Through his sacrifice and unselfish deeds, he sparks a new beginning. Only to fail near the end because he too becomes selfish. Mixed about this story. The ending is sweet and a HEA. Not sure if anyone learned a lesson or not. We'll see in the next book.

*I was gifted a copy for review


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