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Review: Far from Bliss by Lexi Blake

★★★★ @authorlexiblake #FarfromBliss @jennw23

Returning back to Bliss feels like a homecoming. All the quirky characters in this small town are back and then some. What I love about this series is how Ms. Blake shows the pros and cons of living in a town with a small population. Granted this town is a bit heavier loaded with kinky folks and former law enforcement so it's a bit different than your usual town. If I could pick a place to retire and live, this is the place I want to live. These people are my kind of crazy.

Lucy grew up in a town not too far from Bliss. Now that she has a job here and possibly will move up to a new job with more responsibilities, she may be able to take care of some of her bills. I like Lucy and my heart hurts for her. When it comes to creating down-to-earth characters who are survivors with the worst of cards dealt, Ms. Blake excels. Within about a few pages, I want to bring Lucy under my wing and help her. She is a tough woman. She won't accept charity, pity, or help from anyone, even her best friends. She does have her pride. She is a dying breed. It seems nowadays, most people in her position would be playing victim all day long and demanding handouts. Not Lucy.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why Ty and Michael find Lucy so attractive. She is a strong independent woman who can be their partner. I wasn't sure how these two men would be able to share Lucy. I'm glad they ran into difficulties and Ms. Blake shows how it isn't easy to be in a threesome. Or at least, a long-lasting one that becomes a stable relationship. Even when they try to communicate, the words said are misinterpreted. Even with the best of intentions, feelings are still hurt and one person may feel left out.

The triad dynamics between Ty, Lucy, and Michael are pretty hot. This is just a glimpse into the beginning of their romance. It's great to see and I love their ups and downs. I also like Michael's surprising stance on sexuality. I found the interference and "interventions" from the other Bliss men to be hilarious. The characters in this book are so well written. I did feel a bit of sadness because there is a lot of heartbreak in this book. Ms. Blake deals with some hard situations and none of them are easy to resolve. For me, there are three specific characters who tugged on my heartstrings. Lucy is the only one who is one of the main protagonists. The other two are secondary characters and their story is also sad. People do not always make the best choices in life. The consequences of them are sometimes terrible and I feel bad even if they made their bed.

Whilst this may be a sexy kinky book with a threesome, I found this book to be more about friendships. Those who have no one to support them will end up falling hard, no matter the amount of money. Those who are poor in finances may still be rich in friendships and that is worth its weight in gold. This heartwarming romance is recommended for menage lovers who enjoy a bit of kink and a happily ever after.

* I received an ARC from Social Butterfly


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