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Review: Frostbitten by Rebecca Zanetti

Today I learned what Q stands for in the Bond books and movies. And it dawned on me that I should have figured this out a long time ago. This little nugget tickled me pink. Because it does directly tie to Millie and I love that she is a Q too. Roscoe the alcoholic dog with a heels fetish is back and I love him even more. This book can be read as a standalone. I recommend reading the previous books for a full Roscoe experience.

Millie is the kind of friend you want to have around you. She is exciting because you never know just what she is going to create and it will probably cause an explosion. I love this character because I admire her innovation as well as how she tries to improve processes and products. Plus, she booby traps her home and she has exploding toy squirrels? I mean, things would never be boring around her. I am drawn to people who are so unpredictable with what they come up with next. Plus, who wouldn't want hidden storage and higher security for their home? Millie, come to my house and have at it!

Scott on the other hand... he's okay. Yes, he looks like a rich lawyer and ends up being so much more, but compared to Millie, he is definitely overshadowed. Still, having two super exciting people in a relationship can get exhausting. Since Millie's life just took on a whole new level of craziness, it is good that Scott is able to help her out. Honestly, this set up of this book with the plot device was way out there for me. Still, I liked it and it worked for me. I just suspended by disbelief for a bit and enjoyed the ride. What a ride! The Deep Ops gang showed up too. Love Wolfe. He and his little kitty are too cute. I won't give a spoiler, but suffice to say, those who want to hurt animals should die.

Overall this story kept me bemused through to the end. The ending felt like it came completely out of left field. I don't even know what to say. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. Hoping for more Roscoe scenes and maybe have Millie pop in with her Q toys. Recommended for romantic suspense readers.

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