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Review: Garrett's Destiny by Rebecca Zanetti

Garrett is pulled in multiple directions as he has ties with the vampires, demons, and bear shifters. To top this off, he is also part of a secret (not so secret anymore) Seven who apparently broke the laws of physics. I have been waiting for Garrett's story ever since we saw hits of him falling for a deadly woman that would try to kill him. Even though I was prepared for this plot, I was not prepared for the plot twist!

Destiny is a woman who wants to live life to her fullest. This is a great attitude that many people try to live by. For Destiny, it is a must because she does not have long to live. Brain cancer is a terrible wasting disease and there is no cure for it. Destiny is a conundrum. Her innocence and exuberance in spite of a life without love is pretty amazing. Her boarding school experience reads like what I wished I had for training. Between the mind, body, and spirit, it looks absolutely ideal. Unfortunately, there are nefarious reasons for her training which is a bummer.

When I think of sleeper agents, Destiny is the ideal person. I love this concept in spy movies and now in this paranormal romance. Ms. Zanetti does a wild job of creating her character and I love it. Destiny is a pivotal character in this long drawn-out storyline. I feel as though this book finally moves the storyline forward more. And yet, there are now more questions and more subplots that need to be played out.

Even though this story is supposed to focus on Garrett and his bondmate, this book is all about Destiny. Garrett is not exactly window dressing for her but comes pretty close. Destiny is making the big moves and helping Garrett with the never-ending agenda he must work on for his family. This is not the golden age of supernatural relations. This is the dark age where allies breakaway and families are torn apart. Destiny seems to be the bond which brings them all together and gives Garrett direction. She is definitely helpful to his cause - and a bit more critical to the end game than Garrett would prefer. I cannot wait to see how this plays out and who will be featured next. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy twist, turns, and surprises.

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