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Review: Ghost of a Chance by McKenna Dean

Sarah Atwell both dreads and looks forward to returning back to her grandmother's hometown. She only wished she knew her grandmother was so ill so that she could have seen her grandmother one last time. Expecting to receive a little token of love from her grandmother, Sarah is stunned by the turn of events... her grandmother's horse farm is willed to her with conditions.

This story is sweetly set up like a paranormal Hallmark movie. If a holiday were included, then it would definitely be a Hallmark movie. This book takes place in the Redclaw Security world and it can be read as a standalone. The worldbuilding for this series is a bit weak, but for those who read shifter and paranormal stories, it is easy to fill in the blanks.

From a character development standpoint, Ms. Dean does a nice job of layering in both Sarah and Casey's past. It could have been a little bit less drawn out. Or perhaps less internal dialogue reference to keeping a "deep dark secret" and more focus on showing how Sarah tried to keep her shifter status a secret. The interactions between Sarah and Casey are sweetly romantic. I like how the romance developed over time. Involving the Redclaw Security helps close out a subplot with Casey's past. This ties the story better to the Redclaw world and generates more interest in another story in this world. Will the other shifters from the Redclaw team receive their story? I'm interested in Andy the bear and Morgan the feline. Not sure what kind of shift that red-headed BAMF is, but my guess is she may be a fox.

I adore the references to comic books, comic-cons, cosplay and sci-fi shows. This appeals to the inner geek in me. You are never too old to enjoy these and tossing these aside as juvenile is a matter of opinion. Lastly, I appreciate the knowledge sharing on horses and how much work is involved in owning a stable. I am not a horse person, but I love learning how much work and what it takes to make it successful.

This paranormal romance is recommended to shifter lovers who want a happily ever after.

*A review for The Reading Alley


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