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Review: Giving Up by Lee Brazil

★★★★★ Buy this book

I finished this right after I read the book ahead of this one, Telling the Truth.  I rated this a 5 star because I connected with oldest brother Brandon.  His need for control I can understand completely.  The death of his mother was tragic and would mess up any young man who already felt the need to protect.  I enjoy how I learn a bit more about each character in this series.  I also enjoyed this book more because there were a couple of sexy bondage scenes.  They were well written and hot for me.  Sugarkink in the best of ways!  Better yet, this book also has femdom in it.  WOOHOO!  LOVED IT!  This is the type of femdom relationship I can really get into.  My hat off to Mr. Brazil on this one. 

While there were stressful angst filled moments, I felt Mr. Brazil balanced it well with levity.  All I have to say about his humour is, "Where is Mary?  Have you seen Mary?"  Brilliant, just brilliant as a twist which had me giggling in amusement.  I highly recommend this book to all my friends (except the ones who can't stand reading anything with female bits.  You know who you are. )


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