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Review: Golden in Death By J.D. Robb

★★★★ @jdrobbauthor #bookreview #edelweiss

When it comes to solid sleuthing and suspense, Ms. Robbs is a sure thing. In book 50 of the "In Death Series", Ms. Robb continues to wow me with her murder stories. How does she come up with creative motives and ways to kill people? The amount of research and knowledge into how to set up slow releasing poison is impressive. In Golden in Death, golden eggs are delivered to its victims. It is up to Eve to figure out why this is happening and how to stop it.

What I enjoy most about this series is the serial killer aspect of it. I have no idea if this is real to life or not. The exploration into the serial killer's motive and identifying them is exciting. This pressure of not sure when the proverbial bomb will go off adds an additional element of tension. This makes the story keep a reader on the edge, turning page after page to see if another death will occur before Eve can solve the homicides.

I find that Eve is a great character who has grown as she makes more connections with friends and family. Still, Ms. Robbs keeps Eve as a solid and steady person who doesn't change unrecognizably. Eve doesn't suddenly gain amazing powers of computer skills or finds new lovers. Instead Eve grows organically through her experiences. I love this about Eve. I also enjoy how Roarke consistently supports Eve and her job. He is a very busy trillionare (my guess at his wealth) and he knows when to delegate his work so he can be there for Eve. His caring through little things throughout the day make me melt. Eve notices and appreciates each loving gesture … and "fades to black" rewards him.

Ms. Robbs keeps churning out amazing detective stories. I love this series and will read them until the end. This suspense is recommended to reader who enjoy murder mysteries. This can be read as a standalone.


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