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Review: Gossamer in the Dark by Kristen Ashley

★★★★ @KristenAshley68 #GosssamerintheDark @jennw23

What is this goodness? Fantasyland series? Never heard of it. A huge fan of Ms. Ashley's Rock Chick series, I saw this 1001 Dark Nights Novella and picked it up. Full disclosure. Ms. Ashley is an autoread for me. I didn't read the blurb. After the first chapter, I stopped and read the blurb. Wow. I loved where this story was going and I ended up picking up the full completed 5 book series. This is a book not to be missed.

In this alternate world, it seems most us of have a "twin". This is the case for Maxine Dawes. Unluckily for her, her father in both worlds is best described as an asshat. Maxine is substituted for her "twin" in this world which has no electricity or indoor plumbing. My worse nightmare, no indoor plumbing or readily access to feminine products. I love my first world country and honestly those are in my top reasons why. In this alternate world with magic and a more Victorian age of clothing, political system, and way of life, things move at a slower pace. Finding out information isn't as easy as looking it up on the net. Maxine is given a painful crash course to adjust here so that she can pass off as her twin and move forward with her father in this world's plan.

The hilarity ensues as Maxine's my fair lady prepping does not exactly smooth out her edges. This land she winds up in is quite Victorian in mannerisms (except for sexual preferences and attitudes) and her vocabulary is just a little too common. Or as my Brit friends say, "she doesn't speak proper English".

The trials and tribulations Maxine goes through in order to prevent dire consequences are rough. Luckily, Loren - Marquees of Remington is no dummy and suspects something is afoot. Their interactions were delightful. I loved both characters and I really appreciated Loren's father. This romance is a wonderful blend of what I loved about historical romances and what I enjoy about paranormal. This paranormal fantasy is highly recommended to readers who want to be whisked away to a far away land with a handsome prince wanting to marry you.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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