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Review: Grave Memory

★★★★ #bookreview @kalayna #GraveMemory

Rianna, soul collectors, and a new business venture... this book is packed with action. Alex is finally realizing her dream of having a business with her best friend from college, Rianna. As soon as they open their doors, they have a case.

This book keeps a fast pace to it as Alex's powers continue to flux and she learns more about herself. This world building in here is fantastic as there are layers upon layers. Whilst the main focus of this story is about Alex trying to solve suicides that are really homicides, there are several subplots going on. Will Alex be more with Falin or wills he go with Death? Personally, I like Death more. Death's world seems to be so much more and it is constantly shrouded in mystery.

Falin is a bad bet because he is owed by the capricious Winter Queen. Unless Alex wants to be part of a threesome with a Queen who is both violent and possession, this isn't going to be a good move on her part. As Alex's character demonstrates... she doesn't do what is advisable. She goes her own path and somehow doesn't die. There is a lot going on in this richly woven magical story. It keeps a reader riveted. This is another page turn from Ms. Price and hooks a reader into wanting to read the next book immediately. This urban fantasy is recommended to fae lovers who are the definition of "it's complicated".


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