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Review: Grave War by Kalayna Price

★★★★★ #bookreview #mustread @Kalayna

Is this the thrilling conclusion for Alex? Book 7 takes the reader for a fast pace ride as Faerie explodes and Alex is the main one left on this side of the veil to make the fixes. There is a race against time as the Fae can only last so long without a connection to their homeland.

I loved this book and it is a must read. Ms. Price has been building us up to this point. Some of the things I suspected about Alex and her relationships come to fruition. I am not surprised by the "big reveal" and I'm thrilled about the journey to this destination. The dysfunctional relationships between each court and the unbalanced the powers is highlighted in black, white and blood. Watching Alex try to apply human rules to the Fae is always amusing. Most times it is futile but every once in a while, it works.

Alex's growth through the past books is evident as she takes on harder challenges and even demonstrates the ability to be diplomatic. She still tends to be a bit rash, but with good intent. Her complicated relationships with the men in her life would drive a person to drink. I'm still mixed about who I want to see her end up with. Her contentious relationship with her harsh and absent father morphs into something different and it isn't clear where it will go. It is a new intriguing plot and I hope this starts off a new arc in this series. I would love to see more of Alex and how she will be able to blend the human and fae sides together. How she has taken a step in healing the courts and possibly convincing them to try something different. Death does make a quick guest appearance and I still feel unresolved in their star-crossed relationship.

This page turner is highly recommended to paranormal romance lovers. This is not a standalone book and should be read in the order the series is written.

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