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Review: Grayson's Gamble by Marie Harte


Two uber alpha males fighting for dominance and one rogue mutant willing to kill them, what more could I ask for on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Grayson is the grandson of Alicia Sharpe; he's been bred to be the perfect natural born Circ. Sebastian Decker aka Bas is the perfect partner to keep Gray in line. Gray's increasing mood swings and erratic daredevil tactics is concerning the Admiral and his grandmother. Gray's never exhibited a mating heat, commonly found in the manufactured shape shifting Circ.

Bas is unique among the created Circs by avoiding going rogue and he has no mating heat issue, that is, until he's been partnered with Gray. The two flame up the sheets in a way that made me want to dive in between them for a taste. When rogue Al Ross captures them, it cements the bond between the partners and pulls Ross into the mix. I can always count on Ms. Harte for a hot ménage with plenty of dominance play and rough anal sex. This story meets my expectation and then exceeds with some smexy bondage and forced seduction. I can count on Ms. Harte for some great man love and a triad, which is a true triangle instead of a lacking v triad.

There is plenty of great smexy sex scenes interjected with a plot and a resolution to the villains being chased through the two series – Dawn Endeavors and Circe's Recruits. GRAYSON'S GAMBLE is a good conclusion to a satisfying series. The playful dynamics between the three lovers is fun to watch. I like Gray's hero complex. Bas's sense of humour is a delight. Ross's snarky comments are amusing. They are each different yet make a cohesive trinity.

Ms. Harte's writing is vivid and generates heat for me every time. Since I'm a person who possess a sensitive olfactory organ, the descriptive scents released by the Circ enhances my pleasure when reading her books. If you want to be turned on, Ms. Harte is the writer who will get the job done. I recommend this to sci-fi/fantasy ménage lovers who enjoy hot smexy shifter loving.


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