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Review: Haunted House by Heather Graham

★★★ @jennw23 @heathergraham #HauntedHouse #1001DarkNights

When it comes to Halloween fun, does any place do it better than Salem, Massachusetts? In this haunting novella, Kylie develops a new psychic skill that both terrifies and excites her. This skill comes in handy when her friend, Jenny gives her a call and begs for some help. All is not well in Salem during Halloween weekend.

This story is fast paced and I liked the rushed feeling. It generates more tension and gives the suspense and added edge. Jon and Kylie rush to help Jenny figure out why she not only has old bones in her new home's wall, but a new dead body.

The mystery part of this story requires a huge suspense in disbelief. I believe that is the phrase. The motivate is far stretched and the whole mystery part is too out there for me. It felt contrived and not like the other more well developed mysteries in this Krewe series. It wasn't bad, it was just ... hokey? It felt like I was watching a TV spoofy of a scary movie. It felt more campy than suspense. That could just be me. I didn't know the two characters Jon or Kylie. It did not detract from the book as this can be read as a standalone. It does make me want to look up which book in the series featured them so I can go back and read that book.

This paranormal romance is recommended for readers who enjoy Halloween and like a little spookiness to happen in Salem.

*I received an advanced copy


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