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Review: Heart of Glass by Donna Grant

What is going on!? If it is one thing I have learned when reading Ms. Grant's stories . . . is that if the villain is known to the reader, there probably is a deeper plot going on. This third book in the Skye Druid series proves me hypothesis correct. There are questions answered only to have MORE questions and subplots pop up. How does Ms. Grant keep all of her different storylines straight? Because I cannot.

I look like this, trying to get the different series and their plots straightened out. I kid you not. When I try to explain how the fae interact with the Reapers and the Dragon lords. Then I explain the different worlds and how the druids are different factions . . . I have crazy eyes just like below.

I thought perhaps we would learn more about Elode's sister since the last book was about her brother. Yes and No. We do learn more about Elode's sister and it's crazy wild. I don't even know what to say. And she isn't the main point of this book either. Instead, we have a character which kind of showed up in the last book, Ferne Crawford. She is paired up with Detective Inspector Theo Frasier.

Apparently London Druids hate the Skye Druids and . . . the Skye Druids are going " who?" It appears many Skye druids have no idea there are other factions out there. Ferne is from the London branch and she really didn't need to worry that the Skye Druids would kick her out of Skye. Her story is a messy one and half way through the story, her life veers hard left and we are all left sitting on the side of the road wondering how we were thrown out of this wild ride.

Suffice to say, there is a lot going on in this story and the Druids are a hot mess. It is going to take more than just the Skye Druids to figure out what is going on and the new threat is against them. I'm not even sure the Dragon Lords and Reapers can help at this point. This book should not be read as a standalone. It should be read in the order written. This spin off series can be read without reading any of the other series. Recommended to paranormal romance readers who love complicated plots.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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