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Review: Heart of the Wolf by Cherise Sinclair

Ready to experience angst and heartache? Look no further, this paranormal romance starts at the lowest point for a triplet of brothers. These men have been burned and I thought for sure if any of the three would be the first to go, it would be Madoc giving up on life. To my surprise, it is Niall who goes MIA. Lucky for him, Heather finds him. Heather's life is no walk in the park either. Her story is beyond depressing. Her lose is heart shattering and her determination to appeal to the "gods" for help is understandable.

What I liked about this story is how much I loved the characters. My emotions are pulled to and fro with the ups and downs of theses four navigating their relationship. These are four severely damaged people who are breathing and just functioning. The phrase I think about them is the living dead. Niall, Andre, and Madoc are a tight group just making it from moon party to moon party. They aren't even really interested in participating. When Heather is added into the mix, this is where the spark ignites within each of the men.

Ms. Sinclair does not make it easy for these four. Just as I think they are finally going to be set, they move a few steps back. When supernatural forces interfere, it makes it that much more interesting. This does include some delicious smexy times. The primal sexual prowness from the three men is not unexpected. * fans myself * Heather finally realizes what she is signing herself up for. Since this is a paranormal romance, we do end in a warm fuzzy happily ever after. It is a long time coming for this foursome. This paranormal romance is recommended to shifter lover who enjoy Love Conquers All themes.


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