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Review: Hemlock Island by Kelley Armstrong

This is a page turner that kept me reading into the wee hours of the night. I normally avoid horror books because they give me nightmares. I don't even watch horror movies. This is a bit different. Even if it is classified horror, I think of it more as supernatural, in a similar vein to the popular TV Series.

As I think more about this book, it does also give me the same feel of reading one of Edgar Allen Poe's horror stories. Ms. Armstrong gives a nod to one of his stories in this book. Nicely done.

Even though this story has a supernatural element, it feels so realistic in many other aspects. The pandemic is written into this book. It feels like 25% or so of my friends ended up in a divorce. The pandemic exacerbated their underlying issues. This happened for Laney and her ex, Kit. Neither one of them expected to have their relationship fall apart when they suddenly had to work from home together. I especially appreciated this viewpoint and to see it from both Kit and Laney's perspective.

The horror part of this story is not so scary and more creepy. People are dying and trying to understand what is happening in a logical sense is not going to work. This plot and the different sequence of events that caused "bad things to happen" appeals to me. It is not just one event or one person that caused all these "accidents" and killings. I really enjoyed it and honestly, the "big bad" that is killing . . . I cannot say that they are not justified. This grey area makes me like this book even more. This thriller is recommended to readers who like reality boundaries pushed.

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