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Review: Hernando Heat by Tymber Dalton


Love the rugged countrymen who take care of the "little lady"? Did you think that ménages were only invented in the last few decades? Introducing the town of Hernando where the men are hot and protective.

Widower Katie Dorchester is not only grieving for her husband, but fighting to keep what he gave her. Katie is unfortunately saddled with male in-laws from hell. They will do anything to take her land from her, even if it is to kill her. Fearing for her life and peace of mind, Katie moves to Hernando for a quiet life.

Katie isn't living as a lady of leisure despite her husband's forethought and planning. She wants to still be useful. She opens up shop as a seamstress. Soon she catches the eye of cousins Joe and Mason. As they both woo Katie, these confirmed bachelors luck out when her in-laws threaten her with bodily harm. Since Joe and Mason share a home, they can both protect Katie if she lives with them. Moving in with the town pastor's blessing, pretty soon Katie heats up both Joe and Mason.

This ménage is a first for me from Ms. Dalton where the setting is in the 1800s. There are no cars, electronics and indoor plumbing, yet the life seems no different than today. Men and women fall in love. There are good and bad people. The condemnation and acceptance of ménage relationships seems virtually the same as today. Actually, I found the acceptance of an open ménage relationship a bit more progressive than what we have today.

HERNANDO HEAT is an enjoyable quick read with smooth and easy transition between the conflicts through to the resolution. The sexual tension between the three was sweet. The threesome progressed faster than I anticipated to a double penetration that was hot from a voyeuristic view. I only wish the men weren't related as lately, I'm more interested in a ménage where the men also interact with each other. The v triad ménages don't do it for me anymore. It's just missing that extra little oomph. Still, this is a sweet ménage I recommend to lovers of hot country boys who love and cherish their women.


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