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Review: Holding a Witch by Lauren Connolly

★★★★ @laurenaliciaCon #HoldingaWitch

Kicking off a new series with witches, bear shifters, and dragon-type familiars, how can I be anything but charmed? The story kicks off from Denton's point of view. He and his sister have been a live "homing" beacon sending out signals for their friend Cordelia to find them and come home. The first chapter is a bit disorienting if you don't read the blurb. Full disclosure, Ms. Connolly is on my automatic read list. I don't need to know what the story is about, I will read it.

As we learn about the witches in this world, it is quickly apparent that their ability to travel to different universes can be fraught with unforeseen perils. Sometimes a traveling witch comes home; sometimes they do not. For a woman who can travel not only all over the world but to different worlds, how can staying in one location appeal to her? What does Denton have to offer to her with his geographical limitations? It becomes quickly apparent what the title of this book means.

I feel for Denton. His yearning for Cordelia is so deep. Her opportunities and how she can use her abilities are vast. How can he compare? This sweet romance incorporates world-building, cultural awareness, and even predatory practices. For a short novella, it packs in a full story and is a start to a wonderful series. I enjoyed learning about the witches in this world. It is a different variation I haven't seen before. I loved the familiarity of bear shifters with bee hives raising bees. This too also included an element that differentiates it from others. These little touches are what I love about Ms. Connolly's writing. Her flourishes are meaningful and enhance her stories.

This paranormal romance is recommended for readers who love friends-to-lover themes.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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