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Review: Home for a Cowboy Christmas by Donna Grant

★★★ @donna_grant #HomeforaCowboyChristmas

More romantic suspense than cowboy, this delightful holiday romance is made for a TV Christmas special. I can totally see this story with a sexy Dwight Reynolds played by Christian Bale or Chris Pratt. For Emmy, this will be a harder actress to pick, but I am sure others have the perfect one in mind. I digress.

Emmy is a regular person who has a boring office job. It is easy to see how she can easily be swayed to attend parties where the power movers congregate. Unfortunately for Emmy, she is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, she does a brave thing and this causes her to be placed in witness protection. Too bad the bad guys are everywhere.

Emmy ending up in the middle of nowhere on Dwight's ranch is possibly her last chance to survive before she needs to go on the witness stand. Whilst hiding on the ranch, Emmy learns to love the slower pace and the simplicity of country life. It isn't easy work, but it is straightforward work. The nice thing about being in this small town is how the people come together to protect each other.

This is a heartwarming romance between a frightened on-the-run female and a battle-weary male. This plot is easy to follow with very few surprises. I do like how the bad guy on Emmy's trail isn't stupid. I also like that the men protecting her aren't dumb either. The action in this story is just right and well balanced with the romance scenes. The story moves at a nice trot. There is no rushing or lagging feeling. There is less cowboy about this story than I anticipated which I appreciate. Cowboys are not a thing for me so I usually steer clear of them. This one is just the right amount to make it rugged and sexy. This holiday romance is recommended to suspense readers who love protective country men.

* I received an ARC for an honest review


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